From the Manger to the coachee Manager Coach

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“Think like a man of action and act like a man of thought.”

Henri Louis Bergson

It will seem absurd to think that by reading this article you will be prompted to reconsider your managerial ability and consider the idea to develop your potential and consequently those of your managers. Thanks to coaching strategies will identify information and training that previously had been under estimated. In today’s economy is not enough to possess management skills and a supervisor. Managers understand that the most successful team working in an environment, strengthen the skills of coaching is a set of core competencies to be possessed. The new contract between employee and organization that includes the human resource development and are provided opportunities for growth. If an organization wants to take advantage of the best and brightest managers, it is necessary to strengthen the resources and provide them with all the tools and essential in order to evoke excellence and to create cultures of continuous growth and development.

1 Coaching within the Organization

The future will challenge corporations to overcome today’s era of performance levels and those who may, through new creations, new engineering, restructuring and downsizing, companies are experiencing significant and adverse changes both as individuals and as organizations. To meet all these requirements ottnere successful organizations that want to have to learn to direct their business according to market changes and timing not only technological. It is not sufficient to consider the organization chart, now becomes essential to highlight any anthropological mutation which represents the value added along with the skills and cross. Coaching is now recognized as an essential platform for successful organizational change and learning initiatives.

Coaching is a challenge that opens its borders to the development of a new and complex organizations, breaking down barriers and traditional limits. Many companies use coaching as a training strategy to develop and upgrade the skills of managers and leaders. Coaching is intended as a training model to achieve significant results to managers and give them the opportunity to train human resources accordingly. The coach’s task is to promote and support the coachee in a process of self development, helping them to develop their potential, leading to a gradual growth and change. Within an organization of successful coaching is to be a crucial strategy to stimulate, upgrade, train and build teams that can produce concrete results in an ‘organization. The formation process of coaching provides the following benefits: new opportunities for growth, reduces costs and makes futile measurable results for both the individual and the organization itself. Through coaching, managers have a holistic view and depth of its work and dedication to the company for which they work.

The managers develop a better understanding of business dynamics as well as interpersonal, and mood, tension, rhythms of behavior and diversity of culture, this allows both factors to strengthen hard skills, soft skills, which both play a significant role in the of work. A manager who becomes a coachee, then undergoes coaching, assimilates important skills and abilities, learn when and how to intervene, he manages to capture the situation where more attention is focused, understands when it is appropriate to assume a leadership role and when it is be more appropriate to respect the opinions of others may differ. Essential when working with other individuals is to set limits, when alternating aggressive or defensive behavior, punctuated by encounters positive and stimulating riducendoeventuali stress and negative emotions.

2 Towards the change becoming a Coach

In the present era, managers certainly do not have surplus time available, and often find themselves in trouble ‘and are forced to postpone or create automatic control and monitoring, coaching does not include all of these attitudes, but implies an involvement first-person, requires working together, cooperate, share and interact with members of the group. Coaching then becomes of crucial importance to ‘leverage’ as a tool, a first step toward change, not only within a system engineering company. A change is essential for an organization that wants to grow and adapt rapidly to changes in the labor market, but people and organizations are by nature resistant to change, in this sense, the coach can ‘act, making the human resource and the’ organization more ‘flexible, pushing it towards a path of development and growth.

3 Towards the Coaching

The management of coaching is a distinct way of communicating, relating and acting in an ‘organization. Coaching is the ability to slightly alter or modify the structure of interpretations of one or more ‘concepts, contexts or territories known by the coach but not the coachee, inserting it into a space habitual action of doing so, non-confidential push towards a first change.

Many recent studies have shown that the “technical capacity” also called “Hard Skills” represent only 20% of the inputs of our performance, the remaining 80% which clearly affects our performance comes from our “Personal Capacity” also called “Soft Skills “these are represented by key behavioral skills to choose and take certain decisions, ability to be ‘problem-solving, assertiveness shades of’ distinguishing factor in each person’s character, authenticity and determination, growth and self development, concentration, perseverance , emotional stability, enthusiasm, constructive criticism, energy level, honesty, integrity and spirit of intraprendenz. A manager / leader as well trained coach supports his staff using advanced research tools and providing them with coaching tailored to individual needs and characteristics, strategies to achieve concrete results. For this, the activities’ of coaching would give managers the X factor, the added value that would allow managers to train with, the leaders and human resources expertise and comprehensive capabilities.


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