“Tiscali: Videomaker”, new crowdsourcing platform for businesses

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Tiscali and TheBlogTV, social media company, have signed an important partnership for the realization of “Tiscali Videomaker”, * crowdsourcing video platform dedicated to brands who want to create a dialogue with the user through the video.

“Tiscali: Videomaker” (videomaker.tiscali.it) is a new service portal Tiscali.it, participatory environment dedicated to film makers and for the collection of audiovisual content that will enhance the already rich so the schedule of publishing portal. And ‘crowdsourcing video platform where brands, agencies and broadcasters have the opportunity to learn about the work of young talented film makers and contact them to request the creation and production of high-quality audiovisual content.

Through the network of video makers videomaker.tiscali.it registered with the site, the brand will hold competitions to get some insight on the creative product / service that is still developing, or to build a communication campaign in generating consumer awareness and engagement through video. Also, thanks to “Tiscali: Videomaker” and the mechanism of the video you can pursue with crowdsourcing innovation and effectiveness of the different communication goals and needs, how to launch and promote a new product, analyze and understand the perception of the brand, make brainstorming for new campaigns, call campaigns, viral marketing, increase brand awareness, and promote campaigns through thematic content produced by users themselves.

Videocentric in an ecosystem, where now over 26% * of the time devoted to media is intended for video consumption generated by other users, one of the best ways for brands to engage their target audiences (and thus drive sales) is certain through the video.

The platform will be coordinated and managed by the staff of Userfarm.com, international network of videographers TheBlogTV Social Media Company, which will also activate its own circuit of more than 25,000 video-makers for the duration of the project and the creative individual races run across the platform.

Source: franzrusso.it


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