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34, N. Garzilli, Street – 90143 Palermo
Phone: 091/77.91.102  - Fax: 091 /77.91.102

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1 Features

The indicated center has the following minimal characteristics:



  • Accredited from the Lazio Region
  • Suitability in compliance with established how much from the enforced norms that regulate the emergency, the hygiene and the prevention of the risks suitable hygienic services.
  • Environmental conditions them and of suitable, consistent brightness to the enforced norm.
  • Equipment of an adapted conditioned air system is for the cold months that for the summery period.
  • Equal dimension to a relationship not inferior surface/customers to the 2 meters pictures.
  • Equipment of adequate and ergonomically compatible supports of job for all the participants, with job plans, possibly tables, that is benches for adults, of the type in use near the didactic structures.


The center is made up of 3 classrooms. 1 and 2 classroom theoretical computerized classrooms equipped with the following educational facilities:

  • Videoproiettore
  • Personal teaching computer
  • Personal Computer for every participant
  • Printing of net