Walking the talk
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Totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa quae veritatis et quasi architecto beatae.

Totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa quae veritatis et quasi architecto beatae.

Totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa quae veritatis et quasi architecto beatae.

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1 Experiential Learning

PERONI BEER  Lunch with the crime

A murder takes place under the eyes of the participants and the latter one, along with the investigative team are on the scene ready to interrogate the suspects, examine clues, alibis compare, analyze and formulate medical-legal reports the ratio of charge indicating the culprit, the motive and the ingenious ways of murder. A real challenge between detective!

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2 Multimedia Learning

Radar Project Web Base Training Base

This document provides a brief summary of our proposals for a project to produce a multimedia course on-line: “Web Base Training Radar Base.” The course is composed of different types of learning activities all designed to optimize the acquisition strategy, optimal content of the lecture by the recipient of the course.

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3 Traditional training

SKY for the training of its employees

The company offers its employees the possibility of offices in Milan, Rome and Cagliari, wishing to study or improve their English language skills, to conduct the courses with discounted rates by signing an agreement with Percorsi SpA

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The continuous formation to define the infinite perfection of the human being.

Science and Virtue - the search of himself is at the same time search of the true one to know and the better lifestyle: that is it is entirety searches of the knowledge and the virtue. To know and virtue they are identified, according to Socrate. The man cannot stretch that to knowing this that he must make or this that must be; and such to know it is the same virtue. This is the fundamental principle of socratica ethics, principle that comes express, in the form more risoluta, in the Protagora di Platone. More of the men they believe that wisdom and virtues are two various things, than the knowledge does not have no power directive on the man and that the man, also when knows what is the good, can be gained the pleasure and to go away from the virtue. The virtue is not of pure appeals to of it pure effort, but intelligent calculation. ...read more

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E' in linea la demo del corso su D.Lgs 81/2008: Sicurezza sul Lavoro, secondo i dettami dell'accordo Stato-Regioni del 21 dicembre 2011 che prevede la possibilita'  di gestire la formazione alla sicurezza dei lavoratori ricorrendo all'E-Learning (formazione a distanza).